Get All The Good Info Right Here.

We strive to provide you, our customer, with all the information you need to have an awesome shopping experience. Below are a few FAQ's that may provide some answers when you need them.

Q. How much coffee should I order?
A. On average, a single daily coffee drinker will use 2 - 12oz bags every 4 weeks. You can always adjust your subscription if you need to order more or less by logging into your account.

Q. I am not sure which coffee to order. Any advice?
A. Sure thing. A good choice is a medium roast. Start there and decide whether you might like it smoother or richer. Lighter roasts are smoother and have more of the original coffee flavor. Darker roasts have a richer flavor and usually have a more bold taste.

Q. Can I order a subscription and a standard purchase on the same order?
A. Yes. Our product selection process is easy, unlike other sites that have two different systems for a single purchase verse a subscription, ours is simple and inline. Use the radio boxes and dropdowns to select your options and quantity and then just add to cart. It's that simple.

Q. Why do I have to create an account when I sign up?
A. Setting up an account allows you to monitor the status of your orders, get updates on shipping, and much more. It also allows you to modify your subscription at any time.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?
A. We roast our coffees 2-3 times per week so the quality and freshness are optimized for you. We will roast, package and ship asap and will notify you by email when it ships. We will also provide a tracking number as well. 

Q. Can I order for a friend?
A. Of course! Just make sure you select a different billing address from your shipping address. How nice of you. 

Q. I have a Single-Cup coffee maker. Do you offer K-Cups?
A. Yes. We offer a reusable single-serve coffee cup that will fit in your fancy machine. You can find it right here. And thanks for helping to save the environment! 

Q. Do you ship to Alaska & Hawaii?
A. Yes, we do. But we can't offer FREE shipping for these lovely places :( Please email us or use the Contact Us form for the latest USPS mailing rates.

Q. What if I have problems with my order?
A. We have decided to provide support via our online contact form. We want to make sure we document all correspondence. It also makes it easier for us to look up any details on your account page and respond quickly. Always make sure to use an order number when sending us an inquiry.

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