About Us

Our mission is simple.

Source the highest quality coffee. Roast it to perfection. Make it easy to buy and get. The Customer comes first.

At Good Brand Coffee, we strive to provide people with a great experience. Choose your coffee and it gets delivered to your door as often as you like. We roast shortly before shipping and want the drinking experience to be second to none.

Our Coffee - We import the highest quality coffees from all over the world. Our team sources Direct Trade coffees from small farms to help improve the lives of the coffee harvesters and their families. Treating our partners well ensures our customers receive the best coffee from across the planet.

Our Team - Our team is focused on three things. Sourcing the highest quality coffee, roasting it to perfection, and putting it the cups of our loyal customers. By staying focused on these tasks, we ensure that our customers will tell their friends and family about us. We appreciate you.

Our Coffee Names - Our coffee is sourced from some of the finest farmers around the world. The 4-digit number adorning our bags refers to the year coffee was introduced or grown in that location. A little history is good for you.

Our Roasting Schedule - Getting your coffee at your local store is ok. But do you know when that coffee was roasted and packaged? Sitting on the shelf for weeks or in a huge plexiglass funnel makes coffee stale. Who wants that? Not you. Getting your coffee shortly after roasting changes the entire experience. Our coffee is roasted twice a week. That means we ship to our customers very close to when our coffee has been packaged. You get a full flavor profile and the freshest coffee available.

Our Name - A lot of other companies try to get fancy, have clever names and add a lot of show. We're different in that we want the coffee to speak for itself and be the reason you're here. We feel it's the best coffee on the planet and want you to experience it as well, but understand that coffee palettes can be subjective to customers. So, being "Good" is actually the best place to be.